11 Apr 2016

Close up of the word excess as defined in a dictionary

Last edited on: 09 November 2023

There are many situations that result in electronic component overstock that you have to deal with.

When your company becomes successful, it introduces new products and older products become less popular so you stop making them. But what do you do with the components that go into them? You will want to get a return for stock sitting idle on your books before it loses value or becomes obsolete. You could try and sell the excess stock yourself, or outsource the problem to a professional.

CCL have been in the industry for over eighteen years. We know the market, meet industry standards and have shipping partners across the world ready to work with you. We are ISO 9001 registered and ERAI verified so you can be assured of a quality service.

In a few easy steps you can recover value from inventory you no longer need:

  1. Make a list of your overstock - Including part number, manufacturer, quantity, and date code
  2. Send the list to CCL enquiry@computercomponents.com
  3. CCL will appraise the list and make an offer
  4. Once you accept an offer, we pay for your stock and arrange collection

Having your stock consigned or bought outright with one company will ensure the best return as we will get to know your business and the kind of stock you have and therefore how best to deal with your excess inventory issues.

Send your excess list to CCL now for a fast appraisal.