14 Dec 2022

Last edited on: 09 November 2023

A Cecil Bearhug For Charity From CCL

Here at CCL, we’re always looking for new and exciting ways to give back to the community around us, and as Electronica was such a successful event for us and Christmas was just around the corner, we recently donated 1000 CCL teddy bears named Cecil to a collection of charities.

Our humble little Cecil has been very busy recently, and we wanted to tell you all about it. Luckily, we've spoken to a member of one of the charities, and they’ve given us the inside scoop on what Cecil’s been doing recently…

Bringing Joy Across Communities

Cecil has been given to food banks, a youth centre, clothing banks, a refugee organisation, a family welfare charity, a senior support charity, a care home, schools and church groups!

Some bears are being sold for fundraising, and some bears are being given as gifts. We’ve left it to the experts to work out how best to use Cecil, and they’ve certainly found a lot of uses for our bear!

We’re so happy to see that Cecil has been all over the place. Here are just some of the comments our bear and his brothers have had:

"These teddies will be put into goodie bags to give to our children whose parents can't afford any toys at Christmas".

"We wanted to give the children something for Christmas, but didn't have anything in the budget... but now, each child will have a lovely bear! Thank you."

"Thank you so much for these bears; one will go out to each of our clients. We're so grateful".

Helping Where We Can

We’ve loved hearing all about the travels of our teddies, and we’re delighted to learn that they’ve been here, there, and everywhere. It’s great to see, and we’re glad to have helped.

We know that it’s been difficult for a lot of people recently. From the aftermath of COVID to the recent cost-of-living crisis, it’s been a bit of a dull word recently!

We wanted to try and put a bit back into the community, and that’s why we’ve sent Cecil and his brothers out as symbols of our unwavering support to the local area. If just one bear makes a child happy over Christmas or puts a smile on someone’s face, then we consider that to be a victory. It’s not much, but it’s something we’ve been happy to do.

Final Thoughts

We’re happy to see that Cecil has been so warmly received by the community and gone to very deserving homes, and we’re happy to have done a little bit to promote Christmas cheer and goodwill. If you spot a Cecil in the community, let us know! We love hearing about where our bear has been on his worldwide travels.