100% focused on Excess Inventory Management

CCL provide OEM and EMS companies with a one-stop solution for their excess component inventory. Despite various improvements in the industry, excess inventory will always be an issue that all OEM and EMS providers face. When these challenges arise, choosing an established inventory management specialist to support them is essential.

We specialise in buying excess, surplus or overstocked new and unused passive and active electronic components. These include Semiconductors, ICs, Diodes, Transistors, Capacitors, Memory and Microprocessors.

Using bespoke software, we match your excess to our database of BOMs and proactively market it to our extensive network of OEMs, CEMs, and distributors worldwide to ensure you receive the highest return.

Why choose CCL?

  • High returns: Achieve the best price
  • Hassle-free service: We take care of all freight and insurance
  • Fast payments: Payment in advance
  • Flexible options: Choose Outright Buy or Consignment
  • Industry experience: 25 years of industry experience

Get a free valuation and find out how much your stock is worth.

Flexible Excess Electronic Stock Options

We offer three ways to find buyers for your excess electronics
giving you maximum control over how you want to get paid.


  • Maximise returns
  • CCL provides warehouse storage
  • Parts sold at highest market value

Outright Buy

  • Payment in advance
  • CCL purchases all your excess
  • Best for time-sensitive solutions

Component Search

CCL has 1000s of lines of stock available. Search our stock and send us an RFQ.

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Industry insights inspired by our excess inventory experts

We’ve pulled together some useful articles, written by the team at CCL to help our customers get better market insights and make informed decisions about the best way to sell excess electronic inventory.

End-of-line excess: causes, trends and solutions

End-of-Line excess: causes, trends and solutions

Today's Manufacturing and Supply Chains

Past, present and future production rates of components affects price and availability.

Excess Stock Processes

Supply Chain

Events that disrupt the global supply chain can have a significant impact on valuations.