Two methods, one mission: buying and selling excess stock with CCL

At CCL, we buy and sell excess electronic components that manufacturing companies don’t need. Rather than leaving surplus stock to collect dust, CCL trades it on to be integrated into other products. We offer two ways for companies to carry out excess inventory sales: Outright Buy or Consignment. These processes have different benefits, yet both are united in their mission to make use of unwanted stock.

A world of electronic components

Microchip integrated on motherboard

Components such as semiconductors, microchips and transistors can be found in all electronic devices. They’re the key ingredients to an ICB (or integrated circuit board), the ‘thinking’ part of an electronic product.

From the newest fridge to the latest phone – components are constantly in demand to create the next fashionable product. But companies often order a surplus of these tiny metal parts. This could be down to a change in the product’s design or a rethink around its production. It’s a common problem that these microchips end up as excess stock, discarded at the back of a warehouse.

Take excess stock off your hands

With the constant creation of products, ensuring staff wages are paid and keeping finances afloat – companies have enough worries. They don’t need the extra burden of finding a new home for their surplus stock.

That’s where CCL comes in.

So long as components are new and unused, CCL can sell them on. Once assembled, printed circuit boards can’t be recycled. There’s a huge range of microchip technology stock on the market. Each one is highly adaptable and not specific to one product. For instance, the same component type could be used in a pet tracker as in a washing machine. This means there’s a great variety of buyers and an ever-changing demand.

At CCL, we offer two ways of providing companies with excess inventory solutions: Outright Buy and Consignment.

What’s an Outright Buy offer?

Computer keyboard concept image. Outright Buy button represented by a keyboard key with a shopping cart illustrated on it.

An Outright Buy is when CCL purchases the electronic components outright from your company. We make an offer for the microchips and pay you right away. You never have to worry about them again.

As a company, you’re already making a profit on the product you’ve built. You’re happy to get back whatever you can for the stock you’ve got left. We then work to sell the excess stock on ourselves, completely independent of your company.


Zero hassle

CCL instantly removes the components, organising them shipped from your warehouse. This frees up space for you to order new parts or store products.


Selling your excess stock means it doesn’t end up in landfill. CCL finds a new life for unwanted microchips in a different electronic device.

Instant returns

See instant money in your account to balance your books and keep the company’s finances stable.


It’s a quick fix

Outright Buy is an easy option and a quick solution, but it doesn’t always give you the best deal. On average, we can offer around 5% of the price you paid for the components in the first place.

Market value

Buying and selling electronic components is a waiting game. They’re only worth what someone will pay for them at that time. The market can change instantly, depending on the demand and development of new products. So if you sell the parts when no one needs them, they won’t be worth much.

What is a Consignment offer?

Shot of a mature man and woman going through paperwork while using a laptop in a warehouse. Consignment Agreement.

A longer-term plan. Consignment is when you fully control your excess components but ask CCL to sell them on. The advantages and disadvantages of Consignment vary depending on what you’re looking for. Companies often opt for this offer when looking for a greater return on their excess parts. They’re prepared to wait as long as it takes for a change in market demand.


Free up space

CCL removes the components from your warehouse and takes them to our storage facility. This frees up space so you can order new parts. It also means the parts are more attractive to potential excess inventory buyers because we can ship them immediately. We take out insurance for delivering these electronic components at no extra cost to your company. We’ll organise and pay for the return of these components should you suddenly need them again at any point.

Over 25 years of experience

CCL has all the knowledge to ensure the right people hear about your components. We market on exclusive trading websites and attend shows worldwide, spreading the word about your microchips in Europe and beyond.

Good communication

We’ll send your company regular reports on the interest your excess stock receives. Communication is the key to a successful sale.

Greater returns

By patiently waiting for the market to turn, Consignment means you’ll likely get a better deal on your excess stock. Whatever a buyer pays for the components, we take 30% (although this can be flexible), and you get the rest.

More visibility

CCL holds a huge variety of electronic components and we can sell these to our trusted network. Give your leftover parts greater visibility and increase the chances of finding the right excess stock buyer by selling them with CCL.

No time limits

Your excess stock will likely get the most interest in the first year of your Consignment contract. We’ll then review what you want to do if the microchip stock price we’ve set hasn’t attracted much interest. But we can store and market your components for as long as you need. There are no time restrictions. If the excess stock is taking a while to sell, you can always opt for an Outright Buy later on.


Like Outright Buy, Consignment helps excess components find a new life in another electronic device. Let’s cut down your company’s waste.


Trust is built-in

Components are valuable. Under a Consignment deal, CCL ensures a trusted legal contract between your business and ours. We provide clarity and transparency about what’s happening with your excess inventories.

Your company’s finances

Large amounts of excess stock on a company’s books can be worrying. Many would prefer to sell outright to invest in stock they’ll use. At CCL, we know how to manage Consignment stock to make it hassle-free. The process is easy, so companies feel comfortable and benefit from a greater return in the long run.

Get help with your surplus stock

Are you looking for support with the excess components lying around your warehouse? Speak to one of our experts about the differences between our Outright Buy and Consignment processes in more detail.

11 Oct 2023

Last edited on: 10 November 2023