12 Dec 2023

Last edited on: 18 January 2024

CCL's Year-End Charitable Success: £1,684.22 Raised for Cancer Research UK and Devon Air Ambulance Trust

In a year marked by industry achievements, CCL proudly announces a charitable contribution of £1,684.22 to Cancer Research UK and the Devon Air Ambulance Trust. Here's a snapshot of the impactful events that made this possible:

Pancake Day - February 21st, 2023 (£124.77 Raised)

The year's charity events started with a Pancake Day flipping event on February 21st, where our team showcased their skills, flipping pancakes to perfection and racing around the office. Through pancake sales and donations, we raised a commendable £124.77 for our chosen charities.

Easter Raffle - April 5th, 2023 (£197.50 Raised)

The excitement continued with an Easter Raffle on April 5th as Easter approached. Colleagues enthusiastically purchased tickets for a chance to win enticing prizes donated by local businesses, contributing £197.50 to our charitable efforts.

Bake Sale - July 3rd, 2023 (£117.05 Raised)

July 3rd saw the office become a sweet haven for a Bake Sale Bonanza. Colleagues participated with enthusiasm, baking and sharing delicious treats. The bake sale satisfied sweet cravings and raised £117.05 for our charitable goals.

Curry Day and Raffle - November 29th, 2023 (£200.00 and £192.00 Raised)

The year's pinnacle event was the Curry Day and Raffle Spectacle on November 29th. Colleagues enjoyed a delicious curry together, and a raffle featuring coveted prizes added an extra layer of fun. This day alone raised £200.00 from Curry Day and £192.00 from the raffle.

Doubling the Impact: Managing Director's Generosity

What sets CCL's charitable initiatives apart is the unwavering support from our Managing Director, Adam Chinery. His commitment to causes close to our hearts resulted in a doubled impact, with the Managing Director generously matching the amount raised by the team.

A Team Reflecting on Impact

The success of these events extends beyond fundraising. Team members at CCL expressed a profound sense of pride in contributing to meaningful causes. Marketing Manager Adam Hooper said, "Participating in the events brought different energy to the workplace. It wasn't just about raising funds; it was about coming together, having fun, and knowing that our efforts would make a difference."

Looking Ahead

As we reflect on 2023, CCL remains dedicated to making a lasting impact beyond the electronics industry. The success of our charitable initiatives underscores our commitment to corporate social responsibility and highlights the positive influence that businesses can have on their communities.

In a world where corporate social responsibility is increasingly becoming a priority, CCL stands out as a beacon of inspiration, proving that even in the fast-paced world of technology, there is always room for kindness and giving back. Our philanthropic activities serve as a testament to the profound impact a company can have when driven by compassion and a collective spirit of generosity.