Update on Shipping Your Goods

1 Apr 2020

Following the UK Government’s advice regarding the closure of some businesses and premises, we are aware that some of our customers will be unable to take delivery of their goods or have their goods collected. CCL’s experienced team are available to help you during this uncertain time.

For all current shipments, arrangements have been made to temporarily store goods, and any future orders or collections are being delayed until further notice. Shipments will resume once we receive advice from the government.
CCL provides fully managed logistics services for all our customers meaning your order or excess collection is all taken care of.

On a separate note, did you know you may be eligible for Section 301 Tariff Exclusion Duty Refunds?
According to STR “Companies may be eligible and can apply for retroactive refunds of Section 301 duties, but time is running short and the process is proving to be complicated and burdensome.”

If you any questions regarding shipment of your order or collection of goods, please speak to your Account Manager, email enquiry@computercomponents.com or call +44 1404 540 300.

Forklift, truck and plane with boxes containing excess inventory