6 Jan 2022

A set of comedy broken scales illustrating the weight of excess inventory

Last edited on: 02 January 2024

With the excess of Christmas behind us, you might consider resolutions for the New Year.

If the weight of your excess electronic component inventory is a worry, now is the time to detox.

Every electronics manufacturer faces the issue of excess inventory at some point, and with new technology constantly emerging, this will remain the case. You may think that selling your excess is a difficult or time-consuming process, but if you outsource the problem to a professional excess inventory management company, it can be surprisingly straightforward. As inventory ages, the value decreases, so working with a reliable excess partner will help realise your stock's maximum value.

CCL provides Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) with a one-stop solution to their excess component inventory.

100% focused on inventory management, CCL has helped thousands of electronics companies manage their inventory, freeing up valuable warehouse space and improving cash flow.

Our 24 years of experience is gained by partnering with some of the best-known technology companies globally, and our team are ready to make an offer that works for you. Contact CCL if you’d like to sell your excess in January.