Component shortages mean prices for some electronic parts have surged

While it is a challenging time for the electronics industry, the current component shortage does bring some good news to OEM and EMS companies with surplus semiconductors to sell. High demand has driven up the price for many electronic components, offering a rare opportunity to recover the original cost of excess inventory and make a profit.

No time to deal with your surplus right now? CCL can help.

The process of promoting surplus electronic stock, liaising with bidders, and organising the logistics required to transport items to one or more buyers can be complex and time-consuming. This is where CCL can help.  

CCL can deliver high returns for your excess electronic components save you time and free up your valuable warehouse space. Our experienced team will take care of all administration and freight, so all you need to do is pack up your stock ready for collection. 

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Industry experience: CCL has 24 years of experience in the electronics industry.

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