Excess Inventory Solutions for OEM and EMS companies in the automotive sector

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Leverage our long list of electronic component buyers from around the world and achieve high prices for your in-demand ICs, Inductors, Capacitors, Diodes, Memory, CPUs and more...

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The value of your end-of-line excess electronic components is at an all time high.

Global supply chain problems mean your end-of-line components are commanding very high prices.

Not only is supply down but demand for semiconductors last year was 17% higher than in 2019. Source: BBC News

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Flexible Excess Electronic Stock Options

We offer three ways to find buyers for your excess electronics
giving you maximum control over how you want to get paid.


  • Maximise returns
  • CCL provides warehouse storage
  • Parts sold at highest market value

Outright Buy

  • Payment in advance
  • CCL purchases all your excess
  • Best for time-sensitive solutions

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Selling your components with CCL couldn’t be simpler.

Three easy steps to great returns...

  1. 1. Free valuation
  2. 2. Accept our offer
  3. 3. Shipping arranged
  • Valuation: We advise what your excess is likely to be worth.
  • Accept our offer: We’ll offer you our best possible price.
  • Shipping: We arrange all shipping/freight and customs.

Our friendly team at CCL has over 25 years of experience in OEM Excess

At CCL (Computer Components Ltd), we specialise in buying end-of-line excess electronic components from OEM and EMS companies in the electronics industry.

Based in the UK, we operate across Europe, the USA, Canada, Central and Latin America, South Africa, Australia, and Asia, and have thousands of customers globally.

Why choose CCL to sell your end-of-line excess electronic components?

  • High returns: Achieve the best prices for your surplus inventory.
  • Hassle-free service: We take care of all freight, insurance and warranties.
  • Fast payments: Receive payments quickly once a price is agreed.
  • Flexible options: Choose outright buy or consignment to suit your needs.
  • Industry experience: CCL has 25 years of experience in the electronics industry.

Vicky Osborn - Purchasing Director

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Jolene Adams - Export Compliance

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"Thank you for helping us achieve the best possible price for our excess.”

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) with facilities focused in Europe and Africa.

Excess stock was taking up valuable space in their warehouse. The client wanted a fair and competitive return for their components which would be quick and hassle free.

CCL provided an Outright Buy solution. Using our network of business partners, combined with our bespoke software, we were able to tender an offer at a fair market price which the client accepted. CCL arranged the shipping, the client provided their bank details, and the payment was made in advance.

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We can buy all your passive and active components including:

Integrated Circuits
Flash Memory
Wireless Modules